What are connections?

A connection establishes a time relationship between two tasks. There are three different relationships:

  1. One task precedes the other task. That means in other words when the first task ends the other task starts. (C-D in picture 1)
  2. Both tasks start at the same time. (B-C in picture 1)
  3. Both tasks end at the same time. (A-B in picture 1)

This tutorials covers the creation of task connections with the connection mode in the gantt view. It is also possible to connect task based on task lists. The creation of connections based on task lists is available from the task edit view.


Create connections between unconnected tasks

To create connections between the tasks shown in picture 2 start the connection mode. Tap the "M" button and then "Connect tasks" from the dialog. Now you are in the connection mode. Our first goal is to create an end-end-connection between tasks A and B. Tap on task A. A green plus appears on both ends of the task (see picure 3). To create a connection to the end of the task tap the green plus on the right. Now green plus signs will appear on the tasks where a connection can be created (see picture 4). To finally create an end-end-connection tap on the green plus to the right of task B. An arrow that connects the right sides of A and B will appear. The new connection could directly be removed again be tapping on the red cross sign.

The following steps will create the connections as seen in picture 1:

  • To indicate that you want to create a connection from task B to another task tap on task B (don't tap on the red cross as this will remove the previously created connection)
  • Two green plus signs appear at the start and end of task B. Tap the plus sign at the start to initiate a connection to the start of task B.
  • Tap on the green plus at the start of task C to create a start-start-connection between B and C.
  • Tap on task C.
  • Tap on the green plus at the end of task C.
  • Tap on the green plus at the start of task D.

After you have completed these steps your project should look similar to picture 1.

  • Picture 1Picture 1
  • Picture 2Picture 2
  • Picture 3Picture 3
  • Picture 4Picture 4
  • Picture 5Picture 5

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